A short poem

My girlfriend posted this poem on her blog and I loved it.
I have many conversations in my head when we go back to the States, mostly around food, but certainly about the newest fashion trends in the States.
He sums up just the way I feel in one of the first few lines: we can do better.
Now if only he would do a poem about the current fashion trend of pajamas as day wear?


KARNOSKI said...

Leave a comment, start to follow me
and I'll do the same with you.
I'm only searching new Blog-friends (:

Grace said...

I have already shared it on my FB wall!
Love that spirit! drink water! eat vegetables!
And u know I bake a lot, but anyways, baking at home is much more healthier than buying saturated fats from the big companies, don't u agree?

Peggy Rice said...

Grace, I feel the exact same way! Especially since Aidan can't eat eggs anymore, I am a baking machine:-)

Anonymous said...

be nice to old people.. lol. thanks for the read and pics and the tip to chocolate zucchini.