Sorry, I have to say it.

Okay, USA, I bag on the French from time to time, so now it's your turn.
I'm not sure when the trend in the States went to Pajamas all day, but I don't like it.

Get dressed!
There is so much WRONG with this commercial I don't even know where to start, so let me just be frank here.
If you own these jeans/pajamas and none of your friends have told you this was a bad idea, they are not really your friends. You may not like me now, but trust me, years from now you will thank me when your ass isn't the size of a small truck, because you never felt the "pinch" or "discomfort" of a "good" pair of jeans. There is a reason your pants get tight, listen to them. When did getting dressed become "uncomfortable" in the states?
Freaking get dressed and you will feel better!
Don't even try to tell me it is too expensive to buy clothes, because I saw more acrylic nails, tinted hair, cell phone talking pajama wearers than I care to mention! If you feel uncomfortable right now, then, yes, I'm talking to you.
Put down the Big Gulp, take off your pj's and get dressed!
Plus, I went to Wal-Mart, Target and TJMaxx so I know you have options.
If I wasn't jet lagged I'm certain I could figure out how to paste photos of the very cute dresses for as low as $8.00 from Target.
You can call this tough love or you may call this the delusional rantings of a sleep deprived woman, call it what you want, but I'm telling you USA peeps, we can do better!


Campbell's House said...

I have no idea what you are talking about. Who would ever even dream of going out into the world, heaven forbid the Chick-Fil-A drive thru, in their PJs?!!
These people are absolutley the dregs of society!
PS- I swear I only did it once and it was because I was about to famish, and I was cleaning, and I didn't have any kids that day, and I was lazy, and it felt good to be a little rebellious, and plus who cares what the rest of the pajama wearing Chick-Fil-A-ers have on? I was in my car.. And, I had on lipstick. Does that make it better?
Love you!

Mary said...

Yeah....you tell'em girl!!
(I counted 4 women and 2 men wearing pjs on my return flight-AND one of the mens front placket had no buttons...eeeewwwwwww)
I think they should have a dress code in addition to security screening.

KKoelzer said...

I totally agree...and yet I have to say I am a little bit intrigued! Would you judge me if I tried them on just to satisfy my curiosity? I promise not to actually buy them!

Linda said...

That's all fine and dandy but I think there's a much larger need for pajama bras...ya know comfortable bras? While they're at it, they need to get to work on pajama pantyhose.

Carol said...

My dear...you are becoming French...that is the French way of realizing that you have beaucoup de avoirdupois! Your clothes are too tight...I remember the days when more wore sport coats and ties to take a flight!

Preach it girl preach it!

Love you,


The Carroll Family said...

I love this!!
I'm so glad you are brave enough to call them out on it.
I think my entire hometown wore sweatshirts/hoodies every day I was there over Christmas. Can't people put on an outfit? Is that so hard??
Why do they want to look like they just rolled out of bed?
You are hilarious Peggy!!

Jeremy said...

I don't understand... they seem efficiently comfortable. Americans don't have time to be taking pants on and off; we're busy people. We need to be able to go directly from work to Wal-Mart to Chick-Fil-A (evidently) and on to bed without changing clothes. We just don't have any time to be wasting on that.

Unfortunately they do not make these for men, otherwise I would own several... especially if they made business casual khaki pajama pants.

jaclyn said...

O my! I'm nursing the baby at bedtime trying to control my laughter. I love you.

"You may not like me now, but trust me, years from now you will thank me..."

That sounded a tad bit familiar... And hmmm... I seem to remember a similar thing being said to a hairy Sasquatch coming in for what she thought was ONLY a brow wax... but after you "surprised" her by applying wax to her mustache as well, she claimed that she only "needed" brows... And you were quick to say...
"Tell ya what, if you can find just one person who likes your lip better with all that hair on it, I'll give you back your money."

You tell 'em!

;) Miss ya

Kerrie said...

I wonder if anyone I know will check this blog lol, I bought a pair of leggings and a long sweater today. Will see how it goes, love you and your trendiness. Also got some bear paw boots soooo cute. Will look with my jeans and sweatshirt lol