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All of your responses to the pajama jeans made me laugh and just confirmed to me why we are friends. However, I must say I did expect a bit of backlash, so if anyone feels like telling me off go ahead, but be warned as you can tell I don't edit myself well.
Jaclyn, your comment made my day! For any reader interested, the Sasquatch who never saw the warm wax coming to her lip never did ask for her money back(insert smile here). I recall the client laying on the bed asking, "Is it that bad?". To which I replied, "No, not if you're a man" and then quickly ripped the hair from her lip before she could protest.
I'm all class, which leads me to my next subject, Costco.
When I walk in I just smell rubber and excess and I like it!
I love the bulk and the fact that in the states you can actually buy "extra" and still have room in your cupboards, however from the food in the "deli" I'm guessing by year end some may need more room in their pants. I kid you not, I saw prepared mashed potatoes with sticks of butter cut in half and firmly inserted into the mash. Multiple sticks of butter. Just go ahead and have a side of that right next to the mammoth size "pot pie". Who plops an enormous pot pie in the middle of the table and says, "dig in!"?
You eat a pot pie, by yourself in front of the TV, when no one is watching.
What did we buy at Costco?
I'll give you a hint, it's red, liquid and there is none left thanks to Mom and Brandon.
However, I think we will smell good for a while.
For the record, I voted for the very comfy mattress topper, but there was no way it was fitting on the plane and it turns out that Costco is closed on New Year's Day.
Before you ask, "Don't they have deodorant and toothpaste in Paris?".
Yes, but where you have an entire isle of selection, we have two or three brands to select from. So for some reason, when Pretty goes to the States, he always thinks we are down to our last stick and I assure him we have plenty and he is certain that we don't. As for the large amount of travel size toothpaste, you would be shocked that for a country with 8 weeks of vacation time, it is nearly impossible to find travel size toothpaste!

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