Me and 1985

If you have divorced parents you know very well, that many things get misplaced during the finale of a marriage. But, thankfully sometimes things have a way of making their way back to you. Over Christmas my cousin gave me a box she had found during her move and it was filled with old family movies and my "School Days" book.
The movies were given to my mom and I kept the School Days book.
Jaylee is shocked that I got good grades. I now have proof that mommy is not an idiot. And as my cousin puts it, "Not much has changed in your writing style". *Scroll to the side if you can't see the full frame.

Let me translate for you:
Dear Mom and Dad,
I'm MAD! Debbie is a brat. She told on me just because I didn't let her hold the kitten. She told Kathern. And I told her don't get a wad in your pannies (panties). And don't throw a hisses (hissy). And to top it off you haven't Written. Eh, so I suddjest (suggest) you best.
Loves Peggy
Send our address.

Apparently I've always had class.


Jon Van said...

Love it. You havent changed. What movies were included? I keep asking Dad for the home movies he has. I want to make copies of all of them.

gg said...

love it......wad in your panties!!! makes much more sense.

Peggy Rice said...

Mom has them, but they are fun stuff like Christmas, pacesetter, basketball...
Gg-just I now have our class picture from Community Christian;-)

Yo said...

pretty scattered thoughts for a junior in high school . . .

Kerrie said...

Oh my gosh. You have been outspoken since birth, talk about calling them out. LMAO And poor Debbie not getting to hold the kitty, now we know why you are so allergic, God is getting you back. This is my fave blog yet

Peggy Rice said...

Ha,ha Miss Yo when I was a junior I stepped it up a bit with curse words;-)
Kerrie, see I was crazy before I moved to Paris!
Gg, I was trying to say, "just wait"

Pretty Pauline said...

HA! This is TOO CUTE! HA HA!