A king

Jaylee now talks on the way home from school, not about her scores or what her other friends got for a score, but actually talks about her day.
It is so much fun to see her excited.
When she learned about hibernation and migration last week and told me that her teacher dressed up as a bear complete with a suit, I was all smiles. Change is good.
Here is a little glimpse into the walk home yesterday (remember that her days consisted of only 40 minutes of English instruction before, so she takes things very matter of fact when taught in English):
"I learned about a king today. His name sounds like milk, but it's not spelled the same way."
Hmm, was this in French or English class I ask.
"English, it's spelled MLK."
Laughing I say, "Martin Luther King?" and she is completely surprised that I know his name.
"Did you know that he liked to break the rules?"
Yes, but he did it for a reason, not just to break the rules.
"Did you know that black kids and white kids were not allowed at the same schools?"
Well, a lot of things have changed and people just didn't know better...followed by much more explanation and I finally ended with, we will get a book!
"Did you know he broke the bus?"
"He broke the bus. He just broke it in half."
Ahh, did you hear the name Rosa Parks today?
"YES!!! That's her, she broke the bus too!"
*Any children's stories on Rosa Parks and MLK would be greatly appreciated!


Carol said...

If a bus could talk by Faith Ringgold (great illusrations!) , Martin's big words by Doreen Rappaport and A Picture Book of Martin Luther King Jr. by Margaret McNamara...all should be available from Amazon! Also, Ganhdi by Demi is beautiful and tells the story of the major influence on Kings activism.
I love the "Picture book" series of biographies for kids!

Love ya,

Peggy Rice said...

Thanks Carol!!!

Mary said...

Okay Carol you are spot on!!
Love this blog Peggy, just need some more pics with your new photo knowledge.

Kerrie said...

I am so glad the kids are loving their new school! I am glad that you are happy too. Now new apartment and you all will be hooked up. Mostly, and yes I actually mean this, I am glad you are loving being HOME. Miss you all so much.