The World is small very, very small!

The blogger world is a small one!
I love blogs, you all know that. I follow many and have been meaning to update my sidebar to let you in on a few new gems I have been following. But, as life happens quickly around here I have not done so.
Remember when I found my brother and his wife and not to mention my sister Patty's house on the cupcake blog that I follow?
Refresh your memory HERE. (click that, trust me it will all make sense in a bit)
Well, today I sign in to what I would call my new favorite design blog. Also, by her stories, I do feel like we would hit it off the moment we met. Anyways, I'm getting off track. Today, when I visit her, I see my cousin and his family!!!!!!
I'm telling you this world is small.
Good Luck Jay, Dana and Bryce.

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angela | the painted house said...

That is just crazy! I had another similar situation like this with my husband's cousin finding us on another blog.

Thank you for the kind words about my blog!

Paris must be an adventure--I'd love to really spend some time shopping there in the places only the locals know about. When we were there 12 years ago my husband told me on our last two days in Paris, "You can $20 to spend on anything you want." Oh, you are SO generous! :) I laugh about it know, but I do believe it kinda ticked me off. He has since learned. :)

Thanks for reading!!! And, yep, what a small world!