Family Love

They came, they saw, they ate, they had fun, we had fun and now all is quiet.Everyone left this morning.
Thankfully unlike fish they did not go bad after 3 days, but we sure do know one another rather well now. Eight people, seven of which use the bathroom. You know where I'm going with that.
Any who, we love you Smith family and wish you safe travels home.
Now it's back to life here at Rue Rice.
Aidan crapped in the tub tonight, babysitter ditched us for a better gig, family meals a la microwave and Brandon's back on the road.
What's that I hear?
Bonne Nuit.


Jon said...

The joy and excitement in Brandon's smile on that ride makes me smile :)

Kerrie said...

Peg,Brandon,Jayle,and Aidan,
We want to formally on the Blog tell you Thank You for the most amazing experience of our families lives. The sites we saw, wine and beer we drank, food we ate, and time we shared were unforgetable. I think we faired pretty well and the great american redneck shocked us all. Take care and keep up on the bloggin. By the way, have you heard back on the article? Peg you need to become a writer, I know that I am not the only one that thinks so!!!
Love to All,
The Smith Family