Happy Day

Before my sister-in-law came I ordered a few things and had them delivered to the states. Remember this one?
It's here and I could not be happier, well if target, Aaron brothers or Micheal's were around the corner for some cheap framing solutions I could be a bit happier, but all the same I love it!
You know what else I love, this day!
Aidan is loving his new school, no more crying and screaming and it frees me up from 9 to 11:45 to run some errands, grocery shop, window shop, clean, whatever I need to do. So even though it rained a bit today and I almost met an early death by La Poste (post man), I feel fabulous. Maybe I feel fabulous because I walked away from screeching brakes on a freshly wet road and a black bumper just centimeters from my legs (the little man was green, I was crossing legally). Which brings me to one question.
Why do we stop in the middle of the road when we hear screaming brakes? Why don't we run or dart out of the way? Why do we freeze and wait for the worst? I just hope that if I would have had a child with me that I would have been smart enough to throw them out of the way. Who the hell even gets close to being hit by a car anyway? City people, that's who and now after almost a year I'm officially one of them!


Jeremy said...

Peg - not only city people... I was in the UK in Feb for a meeting. At night my dutch counterpart and I walked to dinner. On the way back we were crossing the street, which also happened to be the off-ramp for the highway, and we both looked left and saw no cars before crossing the street. Think about that for a second...
Cars don't come from the left in the UK. Neither of us froze, though, at the sound of a screaming horn. In fact, it's been a long time since I moved that fast.


Sari said...

Yay for you! So happy Aidan's in school again and it's going well. Sounds like you were skipping through the city with joy and freedom. Today was my "free" day, but I got called right after dropping the boys off. So I've been nursing Jake...he's got a stomach bug. Enjoy your free time. By the way, love the new appliances. Take care & Hugs!

patty said...

Heh RueRice. Glad you are having happy days and the Aiden isn't beating anybody up at school. The sun is shining on this side of France too! :) Though, of course I come closer to getting hit by snowboarders rather than postmen!