One year ago today

One year ago today we arrived in Paris, France with a little boy wide awake and little girl exhausted after pulling her first all nighter.

She is far too tall for that stroller now and his head now reaches the top of that car seat and the days of the pacifier are well behind him. It is amazing how much change takes place in just one year!

Today I am unbelievably grateful for this blog and the people who read and comment (and those who don't comment!). Writing the blog serves as a great reminder to me that our life is ever changing with difficulties, achievements, rewards, sadness, happiness and it gives me such a sense of pride to see how far we have come in just one short year. I couldn't even count to ten in French when we moved here! Now I can count to 79 without difficulty. I can spend far more than that, but if I can't pronounce it then it doesn't count! This blog has also shown me how much I love and need the support of everyone back home. Your comments make me smile and I swear I can hear each of your voices as I read them, so thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your support through this journey!!!

I have learned so much about my children and my husband through this move that it makes me emotional just thinking about them.

Brandon, aka Pretty, I am so thankful that we decided to make this move together. Brandon's grandmother gave me some great advice when we moved. She and his grandfather lived abroad for much of their lives while raising three daughters in South America, she said, "It will either tear you apart or pull you closer together, it's up to you." Well, Isabelle and Bob, I am happy to report that I feel closer to him, even though he travels way more than I signed up for!!! Maybe that's the trick? All kidding aside, he makes me proud on a daily basis and I love him dearly.

As for Miss Jaylee, we have watched her go from a princess loving little girl to a major City Kid. Her desire for independence scares me! She wants to know when she can go to school by herself! The other day she told me, "I needed to get a beautiful style and high heels with a fancy walk, because that's what girls do." Apparently, my flat soled boots are no longer working for her as well as my mom "style" of a messy ponytail. She has gone from finger paints to cursive hand writing and is well on her way to reading soon. She has a tooth that is hanging on by a thread and I have recently been informed that the "tooth fairy" does not come to Paris. A little mouse known as, Petite Souris, comes in the middle of the night and slips a little prize under your pillow. So many things to learn!!! I stand in amazement as I watch her learn a new language, city and school. I have to stop and remind myself that she is only Five.

Sir Aidan, in a year has developed such a personality! That kid can say more with facial expressions than most people can say with words. He will be tough, but a joker all the same. We tried potty training, for a day, and I decided that it was futile after he locked himself in the bathroom took a crap in his diaper and walked straight past me with a side glance as if to say, "take that". He might not be much on words, but he is big on impact! I am happy to report that he has given up taking on kids in the park as well as their nannies in the year that we been here. Now, if an incidence is to occur I say a stern "Aidan" and he looks at me and puts his finger to his lips and says "Shhhh" (that's Aidan speak, for I'm stopping now, no need for time out!). As for the sand toy situation, no change, a toy gets "lifted" every time we go to the park. Even though, my French is good enough to get the toy back, it doesn't necessarily mean I am going to get it back! They are tough little buggers. A friend of Jaylee's "lifted" my measuring cups and I have yet to get them back. In the most polite French possible she told me "my mother says they are mine." So there you have it, out witted by a six year old.

The whole family has accomplished so many things in a year that there are far to many to list today. But this I know for sure, we are a stronger family for stepping out and taking the adventure together and we would like to say thank you to everyone for supporting us!


Cari said...

Sounds like things are amazing in Paris!!
I think I need to take a trip to Paris to see it for myself :)

Carol said...

Has it been a year!!!

We moved around a lot the first 10 years we were married and I think it made us a "family"...and we made friends in many places around the country...I am so proud of you and the courage you had to go outside your comfort zone and go on this adventure!

But I miss you!

Love and Hugs all around!


Kerrie.sra@gmail.com said...

Congratulations on you year anniversay. I am so amazed at what you all have accomplished in this past year. You are a wonderful family and I am blessed to call you all mne. A bientot!

Jenn_Vegas said...

Anniversaire Heureux! I cannot believe it has been a year. Thank you for your beautiful writting.

Campbell's House said...

We are all so proud of you! Before you know it, you'll be a real City Squirrel!
Love ya tons!

patty said...

One stinking year and we've only seen each other twice, that's a bit crap don't you agree?:) At least it's been twice though as that more than I see my other friends from the states. Glad you are over here lady. Gives me that warm fuzzy feeling knowing that you guys are in the same country as me! Hope to see you in the next few months. I have some flowers to plant and think Jaylee would love to be my little helper. Tell her to leave the high heels at home though cause this aint the city! Lots of Love-Stinky

Becky said...

I have so enjoyed reading your posts. I miss visiting with you, but I am adjusting to the new girl. I love my Peggy but I know you are having the time of your life. Love all that you write!

Michelle said...

Still amazed every time I read your blog at all the things you manage to accomplish "over there". Conner can still wear one of the pair of shorts that you gave us, so I think of you often. Don't get too comfortable over there!

P.S. If you wanted me to post more pictures, you should have let me keep that camera!