Formal retraction

A few posts back I might have publicly vented my anger toward my husband. I would like to publicly apologize.
I would also like to say, that this said venting session just might have done some good. A few months back Brandon gave me a "budget" to get some new appliances for the kitchen. As excited as I was, I also knew that no matter what I purchased he would have his probing questions, "how much, why, why not this, you think that is the best deal?", the list goes on. So since moving to France I too have acquired a new nickname.
No matter what he asks me to do, I let it bounce right off and return back to him.
It avoids all those questions and we all feel better in the end.
I present you with a prime example of why he is so good at getting things done and I am so good at letting him get things done.

Teamwork, he gets to orchestrate a group of people while looking very busy.Just look at that expression of content and joy.It becomes a whole family day. The size of my new stove makes Aidan feel as if it was made just for him. I gladly gave up 10cm of stove space for a new washer and dryer.Brandon and Kerrie got great amusement out of Rob and I doing manual labor. In the end I got THIS!

That is a brand new washer, dryer, cooking range, hood (a bit tall, so it's out of the picture, but again, I will make adjustments for the washer/dryer!) and to the right that is a new dishwasher!

Brandon got the excitement of getting a fabulous deal while staying under budget and I get the excitement of outstanding efficiency in my days. Did I mention that he also came home with a new iphone for me?

With a day like this who needs foreplay?


Becky said...

I remember those little appliances! Does the stove still get hot on the outside? Hopefully they have fixed that part by now. Jaycee still has scars from touching the oven on the outside. They look fabulous! You all look wonderful. I enjoy your blog so very much. Have fun with your goodies!

Kim McCaslin Schlieker said...

I have never been so happy for someone to receive modern day appliances!!! Tell Brandon, that a few more upgrades like that and you won't need foreplay ever again!!