Disney take 3

Third time is a charm!

We did Disney for the third time and it has finally become the happiest place on earth for us. Part of the secret, divide and conquer. Brandon took Jaylee off by herself and I took Aidan, then later we met up. WE found the trick that works for us. The kids and the parents all had fun! Aidan and I did every type of transportation possible and Jaylee did some big girl rides. Later we met up and while Aidan took a nap in the stroller and we got to dress Jaylee up in full princess attire. I will have to say that I was getting scared that she was about to grow out of the princess stage and trade it in for Hannah Montana and High School Musical, but she found her inner princess and I jumped on it! We had her face painted and afterwards she looks at us and said, "I want a dress."

Later walking down the street with our brand new princess and sleeping prince a mother passed us and said, "it's time for mom to do some shopping." That was the funniest shopping I have done myself.

Sir Aidan got a Cars t-shirt that he has not taken off for 2 days.

Have a great weekend.

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Jenn_Vegas said...

I love the pictures you took of the kids...