I have a confession. I love sweets. To be specific I love cupcakes. I also love blogs. What happens you put the two together? This.
Because I have family in Las Vegas I was drawn to this one.
So as fate would have it, one day I was reading the blog and I came across THIS (you must click that word...trust me it's worth it) my brother's name, Anita, his wife, my sister Patty and her husband Greg, and to top it off she has pictures of my sisters new place! Talk about a shocker! I had no idea they knew any of my family let alone, that they actually lived across the street from Jon and Anita at one point.
Small blogging world!!!
Well, you know I had to meet them...
Meet Kari, the cupcake queen.I read that her goal was to meet a celebrity this year. Why? You are a Celebrity!!!
such nice people and such yummy cupcakes!!! I am telling you, there is something about cupcakes, they just make you smile.

They even had a surprise up their sleeve for my mom. Did anyone else have a mother that lived on TAB and milk? My childhood memories are of her singing to the Carpenters, teaching exercise class at night time (my mom was the Jane Fonda of P town) and always drinking TAB. I love this picture!! The only thing missing in this photo, is that during the 80's they would have both been in shiny leotards with me wrapped around their legs with a grin plastered on my face! The great thing about my mother now? Now she prefers the cupcakes to the Tab.

I will not confess as to how many of the cupcakes that I ate, but I will show you this

Why not cupcakes for breakfast?

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!

P.S...Becky I need your email, phone number or something!


Retro Bakery said...

That was an AWESOME blog post, and a GREAT day. I was so happy to meet you! Your family is wonderful. My mom used to play the Carpenter's too!! They're still one of my favorites!!

Becky said...

Becky can be emailed at jbecca@sbcglobal.net or phoned at 214-801-9448. I don't know how many Becky's you know, but I am giving out mine in case it be me. Hope you are enjoying your time home. By the looks of the pictures you are!!!

Carol said...

Okay you love cupcakes...but how come you are so thin??? Not fair!

Love you anyway!


patty said...