Home again

Time flies!
We left Vegas with a farewell lunch at Chili'sThen we hit Dallas...What's that? Traffic. When you schedule just about every doctor's appointment in the book for a family, this is what you see while in Dallas.

Remember that feel good post about cupcakes? Well I still love cupcakes, but I also found out I had a cavity! What the crap? I am 34! So I inhaled deeply (laughing gas) and took my filling like a big girl. My 5 year old was cavity free, but not me. I have decided that the "gas" machine should be a household appliance. Fabulous.

The other kicker, after two years of high blood pressure I am now on blood pressure medication. 34! Crap.

The last kicker, after 4 weeks in the states I gained 7 pounds. Love me some Mexican food.

So, after all that excitement we decided it was time to make our exit.

The kids made themselves comfortable while waiting on the flightMom and Dad also found something to pass the timeAnd then just 8 hours and 45 minutes later we found ourselves back in ParisToday, was my first day out since we arrived home. What happens after 4 weeks in the states? Jet Lag. Two kids with Jet Lag and one mother who can't even focus her eyes with her glasses on. Aidan slept last night and Jaylee pulled her second all nighter. I sent her to school today, that should take care of it tonight.

Melatonin and Night time cough medicine are no match for her. You know I'm that kind of mother.


Campbell's House said...

Missed getting to see you- but it felt good just knowing you were on US soil!
Much love!

Carol said...

I know how busy it gets when you come home, but I am sad I didn't get to see you...all the more reason to plan a trip to France.

Be well...I am worried about the blood pressure...

Love you,