home life.

We are slowly, but surely getting a routine around here.
I drug the children before they go to bed, they wake up.
Not both at the same time.
One and then the other.
I'm persistent, I'm trying it again tonight, anyone care for some Melatonin milk?
Why not, it doesn't work on children, so maybe it works on adults.
I have given up drugging myself, because it is just no fun being woken up from a drug induced sleep.
So tonight I knocked out a large percent of the unpacking. I have been shooting for one suitcase a day. This is what I'm down to.

Five suitcases in an apartment this size can be overwhelming. So this looks pretty good.

Besides drugging children and unpacking life is getting back to normal.

Jaylee went to a new ballet class tonight and loved it. This studio was everything that a ballet studio should be! Music playing, an instructor smiling as she talked and happy little girls running around in pink. Parfait!

Life with Jaylee is always fun, well almost...

While getting dressed today I told Jaylee that her boots looked "retarded" (not a good choice, I know, but it just came out). To which she every so smartly replies, "your way is dreadful!"

Tonight after dinner, Jaylee calls from the bathroom, "sorry mom, I'm pooping out your dinner."

What a little lady!


Jeremy said...

7 pounds... what's up fatty.

Way to raise your kid, saying she looks retarded. Talking about defacation.

patty said...

Glad you are back in one piece. Don't you know that you are not supposed to actually step foot on a scale. Rule is that if clothes are tight, you've eaten too much lately. Bye Juicy!