Happy New Year!!!!

I was reading through my daily "list", blogs that is, and I found a general theme...something of reducing consumption, scaling down, staying in and no drinking, hum? Well, let's just call this blog post and our family holidays what they really are...excess!
Viva Las Vegas!!!!!
Aunt Anita took us horseback riding

When we asked Niko if he wanted to ride he said, "It's not really on my list to complete in life, but I'll give it a try."

Thanks Aunt Anita, we had a ROCKING good time!!!

What are a bunch of hungry cowboys and cowgirls to do after a day of riding? Check out this line up.

So field trip number 2 took place the next day and it just required an elevator trip downstairs to the spa that Aunt Patty designed

Guess where my sister Kim and I retreated to after putting the kids to bed?
Yesterday, to make sure that we rang in the new year just right, Brandon and I had massages down there. I love this place!
No worries, the kids were not left out, we did find a kid Oasis nearby

What's a trip to Vegas without a fancy meal?Okay, Europe ready for a complement?
It was good, but Mama wasn't cooking back in the kitchen.
But, here is one thing that Europe can't touch the art of white bread with processed cheese and meat. Yum. The vision of happiness.
Happiness we have had this year, along with frustrations, growth, new adventures, new jobs, a new home, new country, new schools and thankfully new friends, old friends and family to help ease all of these transitions.
As the year winds down I can safely say, that I Believe I feel stronger, worn out, wiser and grateful for the life that we live.
Here is to 2009,
I hope for more playtime

I hope for bright futuresI hope for a healthy, happy addition on August 16th, 2009I hope for more family time
I hope for more lively memories

I hope for a fabulous 2009!
Happy New Year!


Cari said...

Looks like y'all are having a wonderful time! Happy New Year!

Kerrie said...

Happy new Year Rices.
Love The Smiths

Sari said...

Happy New Year to you and your family! Love your adventures. So glad "Santa" got the memo. Are you still coming to Dallas? Let me know if you do come - would love to see you. Hugs.

Your Realtor said...

Addition on August 16th? Did I miss a post?!?!

Brandon said...

What is a nice dinner without diaper wipes on the table