Christmas just keep going around here! This living room was exploding with presents. It was total wonderland for 7 little kids (Camden, the tall one to the right is no longer a little kid, but he sure did turn out handsome). This is what happens when children get everything their little hearts desire.

My girlfriend Sarah from P-town new that we would traveling during Christmas, so she sent a beautiful brass Santa Key to my mom's that is engraved with "Santa Stop Here". Let's just say that Santa got the message!Santa even made a deposit for me! A total shocker. My sister Patty, Santa's secret shopper, presented me with literally bags of clothes, shoes and an amazing red purse. It seems Brandon had many secrets up his sleeve this year. He called in the ringer, aka Patty, and together they gave me an amazing experience. I felt shock, confusion (our gift was supposed to be the resort stay), excitement, love, guilt and total appreciation. He explained my day to day life to her and what he thought I needed and between the two of them there was so much thought in those gifts that there was no holding back the tears.

Thank you to an amazing husband

who loves me even when witchy wife appears, monster mommy takes over and when some days just plain leave me with no more nice things to say. Je t'aime.

There was love all around...

And sugarand sibling love...may I present to you my siblings...all in one place at one time


Kerrie said...

I see no SNOW in the background. So jealous. Looks like you are having fun. Enjoy you derseve it and what a handsome family
Love Kerrie

Marit said...

Hello Rice Family,
Enjoy the sun, for it is freezing in Paris with slippery sidewalks!