Merry Belated Christmas

We had one very white Christmas!

All Christmas wishes were granted (Aunt Kerrie's snow dance worked!!!!) and we loved spending time with everyone.

But Idaho, was not done with us. What happened yesterday?

Thank goodness Brandon loves punctuality. We arrived at the airport 2 hours early only to find out our flight was cancelled again!!!! What felt like a small rubber ball started pounding the walls of my chest.

"We are not getting out of this line! We are getting to Vegas today!"

So, we stood our ground and the ticket agent thanked us for showing up early and got us on an earlier flight out. Thank you to the very nice ticket agent at Horizon Airlines!

A little old lady tried to pull the wheel chair card through security and I looked at the security agent and held up my five fingers and said "I am on a 5 day delay." She waved me through.

Let's just say every flight was made by the hair of our chiny, chin, chins. There is no way to post shiny, happy faces on the flights because two kids, three flight changes, no naps and lost luggage is not the same as flying business class from Europe to the States. It's ugly folks. But I can show you what a picnic, camped out in front of the ticket counter looks like.

At one point in the day when Aidan's boots where halfway down and he was in engaged in full blown melt down a lady looks at Brandon and says,

"He must be two. He is doing a perfect job of being 2."

But, it is all okay now, because we made it!!!!!!

Goodbye snow, Hello Vegas!!!!

Do you remember in a past post where I talk about a cousin who always sends the best care packages to Paris? Well, she out did herself this time. Mom handed me a package this morning and what do I find? The sweet, deliciousness of Laura's homemade pumpkin bread! Not one, but two. She has learned that Brandon and I fight over them, so this year we each got our own. So, if you all are ever so lucky maybe she will send me her recipe and I will post it for you all. I promise it will be the best you have ever had!!!!


Copper Rabbit said...

What she speaks of the Pumpkin bread is all true. Must have pumpkin bread.....

Carol said...

Glad you arrived in Las Vegas safely! So, are you going to be able to make it to Dallas????

Love ya,


Kerrie said...

Snow dance is a bit strong wording, a white Christmas yes. Now the snow is killing me and Rob. We can't keep up and the shoveling is breaking our spirits. Can anyone say covered deck!!! We are dreaming of you guys in Vegas not shoveling. Hope all is well and send our wishes to your family Peg.
Love Kerrie