Birthdays, confessions, and therapy

Aidan celebrated a birthday this past month.  You know I love a good kid birthday party.  I love making them feel special.  I love that this year he helped make so much of the food.  I overheard him tell Jaylee, "this one is going to be even BETTER than last year!"  I love that I can do that for them.  When they get older there will be plenty of time for birthdays that pass and they go for a birthday meal and a clan of strangers come to the table and sing happy birthday (I was a waitress, and still, I will never understand this ritual in the USA.  Who gives a shit if complete strangers are singing Happy Birthday to you?!)  Also, I'll be completely honest, I think box cake mix sucks as does frosting in a can and don't even get me started on a cake that comes from the local grocery store with a plastic cover.  Go ahead, call me names, chances are I've said worse if you served this at your party.  
I blame my brother really, but thankfully I still love him dearly, but I'm pretty sure if I had ever gone to therapy they would blame him too.  Once my mom made me a birthday cake (it was from a box, but in her defense I didn't care at that point in my life).  My brother volunteered to frost it.  He frosted it alright, right after he drilled holes in it and then filled those holes with salt.  Uhm.  Yep.  He did.  Still love him.  I'm certain he should have been the original Seinfeld.  But, if you think my birthday celebrations are a bit out of control you can blame him;-)  
I love Martha Stewart.  This is her Boo-tiful cake.  Topped with 7 minute frosting.  I would change the chocolate cake itself to the Hershey cake recipe on the back of the Hershey powder can, just because I think it's so much better.  Sorry Martha.
Anal retentive Peggy took a break and let the kids draw the clementines plus wrap the yogurt drinks and juice boxes.  
There were games.  Thank heavens my friend Ruth stayed to help.  Want to know what age a little boy party should be held at the park or local theme park?  Six.  Straight chaos.  A day later I would find half filled juice boxes and half eaten sandwiches under Aidan's bed.  I block out what his dorm room will look like in a few short years.
But, BINGO was still a hit.  BINGO is cool in your younger years and your elder years, anything in between is questionable unless large amounts of alcohol are present.  
I love you little man!


Kerrie said...

Wow you "throw" a great partay lol. I am all about the Betty Crocker as you know. I like to make alcohol home made not the cake, priorities and all. Oh ya and this prove your not a robot thing is broke

Peggy Rice said...

I'm so proud of your "throw";) However, lay off the sauce sister, because I'm not following that last part! Said with of course with a British accent, because that does make everything better;)

Peggy Rice said...

Ha! Now I get it, that thing below that says, "prove you're not a robot" . Well, it's my blog and it makes me prove it too, I have no idea why.

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