Baby turns ONE!

Life takes this family places we never knew we would go.
Nolan's birthday week was no exception to this.
He has been such a perfect addition to this family.
This is my daily view.

Photobucket A third child changes everything. He is not calm. He talks/screams at every moment of the day. LOUD. He is not dainty. Baby food insults him. He walked earlier than my other children. He is wild in every way. My friend/neighbor has perfectly named him Henry the 8th. But when he crashes, he crashes. Photobucket We had to sing him awake. For cake of course. birthday cake table THIS cake is Amazing. One party tip, even though everyone loves some good stinky cheese in France, the smell was a bit too much for me. I'ld go with Cheddar next time. He smiles with his whole face. Photobucket No doubt he was born in France, he had no desire to stick his hands, let alone his entire face in that cake. I could eat him up!!! Photobucket Brandon says no more kids. Nolan and I are leaving that door open;) Photobucket Cheers!!! (I just gave Pretty a heart attack)