Thou shall not judge

When I was pregnant I pinned this photo:
It's from mommy creations, I have no idea who she is, but I thought great idea with the stats, but the mom is a complete liar.  I could believe the two teeth, but the crawling thing, not so much.

6 months.
He is crawling, more like army belly crawl, but it gets him to electrical cords, stairs and small pieces faster than you would think.
Teeth 3 & 4 are breaking through.
He takes about two, ten minute cat naps a day.
One day I will learn not to judge others, I just don't know when I will learn that lesson.

Today, I gave in to the concept that not much will be achieved in the coming months.  Including, but not limited to my personal appearance.

3 of my ten toes are painted.
My eyebrows will soon meet again.
Botox has never sounded so good.

I am much more chic on my Pinterest board.


Carol Wexell Wayne said...

You are always chic....love ya!

Carol Wexell Wayne said...

Richard and I are taking a class at church...12 Weeks to a more Compassionate Life...my coworkers have had a good laugh over that one saying I will be the snark in the back of the class....sigh....sometimes it is hard not to judge ....;-)

Peggy Rice said...

It's really hard!!! If all my thoughts became verbal I would be in serious trouble!

Malenadu said...

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