Playing possum

I'm not dead, I was just pretending to be. Actually, I'm sleep deprived which I think should be the precursor to death. We are now on night three of getting Nolan to sleep in his own bed.
He hates 3:00am.
Brandon asked if he could get a pair of ear plugs without public humiliation on this blog.
I'll let you guess that answer.
Sleep deprivation does funny things to you. We have traveled through mine. I'm not sure I would recommend it, but it does make for funny stories.
Now, I'm so tired I'm rethinking even starting this post, but I'm this far into it, so I'm going for it.
Want to know what I look like when I'm having a panic attack? Photobucket That.
Does anyone else find it odd that he is grinning like the Cheshire Cat?
Why are we taking a picture in the middle of my panic attack? Brandon thought taking a picture in the middle of a packed bridge, that was sure to fall in the water at any moment, would calm me.
I'll let you guess that answer too.
Stay tuned. Cheers.

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Marit said...

Hang in there Peggy! You will have better nights coming! Ciao