To make you smile

I follow a blog called preschool daze.  When you read it you feel like the world is a happier place.
Last year at this time we had just changed schools and the kids learned about Martin Luther King for the first time at school.  In the words of Jaylee:
"I learned about a King today, his name sounds like milk".
That still makes me giggle.
Today she got up and declared, "It's Martin Luther King Day!"
So in his honor, here is a cute video set to the perfect song from Preschool Daze.

Other things that make me smile these days,
How much he loves the bath and the smartest baby bath tub ever invented.
Our walk home from dropping the kids off at school.
At two months old he is the best sleeping baby that I have had.  Sleeps through the night in his own bed!  I have told the kids he is the official favorite.
Cookies made with Nestle Chocolate Chips from the USA.  Yum.  Plus, please note the very cute measuring cups in the background.  A treat from my mom.
Happy Monday.


Carol Wexell Wayne said...

He is adorable....kiss and hug him for me!

The third child is usually pretty good about rolling with all the chaos!

Love you!

jaclyn said...

What an adorable little cutie pie. He even looks sweet! Hope you are doing well. Bless you super mom; walks kids to school with newborn, bakes homemade choc chip cookies, and blogs! As a mom of two, I'm wanting to know if the third kid just gets throw in the mix and isn't a crazy adjustment for the mommy, unlike the second child that shakes up the routine of things. Or are all those mommies with three kiddos total liars just wanting others to be miserable. Lol.

Peggy Rice said...

ha,ha, Jaclyn this why I LOVE you!!! Poor thing just gets thrown in the mix. The worst part of the day is when I'm getting dinner ready, Jaylee is doing homework, Aidan is zooming cars across the kitchen floor and Nolan needs to nurse. That part of our day looks like crazy town! In honor of you, I will snap some photos of that;-)