The truth hurts a bit

Jaylee and I went out shopping today.  She has out grown just about everything!  On our way out she had a lot on her mind:
"Mom, you were a lot more beautiful in the hospital.  You didn't have those purple bags under your eyes. But, I was happy that you came home because I missed your food."
What I wanted to say, but didn't:
"The hospital has drugs and night nurses."
She wasn't finished with me.
When we got home, I said we could have a snack, a healthy snack, because we could all stand to drop of few pounds since the holidays.
Her interpretation of that:
"Well, you have the most to lose."
Thank you.
Was she done?  Nope.
We went out again in the afternoon and walking down the street, she had this to say:
"You know you have those purple bags under your eyes today?"
So, there you have it.  I may cook and bake well, but apparently I look like hell;-)
You know those birthing pictures of women who look fresh and perfectly put together during and after child birth?  Well, I have never been that girl.  Giving birth hurts until you get the drugs and apparently my daughter thinks that is when I look my best.
Because I looked like this for a day or so.
Just that my hair got worse, because in France when you nurse a child, they feel you should get more drugs.  I didn't want to be rude and say no.

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Carol Wexell Wayne said...

Okay.....it is time for Ms. Jaylee to learn what I call Thumper's Law...(Thumper from Bambi!) If you cant say something nice, dont say anything at all....

On the plus side...Time will get her back....one day you can comment on how she looks after giving birth :-)

And you look amazing...look at you with that beautiful new person you created! So....I am awaiting on tenterhooks to hear how the "French" birth experience is versus American....

Love you.....