Eyebrow raising topic. Not really.

I've waited for a visual like this for a while.
If you don't know, before we moved to Paris I was an Esthetician.
Everyone always wants to know if I "look" at peoples skin when I'm talking to them.
But, I do look at brows.
Are yours the shape of a comma?  The McDonald's arch?
You can do better.  Not pretty.
Put down the tweezers!
They will fill in.
For me, these are a bit too far apart, in picture #5 I usually measure from the small indent on the nose, they are using the edge of the nose.
But, nonetheless, this is a great guide.
I found the picture on Pinterest, but if you want the direct link, click HERE.
As a side note, before I was an Esthetician I had HORRIBLE brows.
Another fun fact, my first couple of months at my first job, I gave the worst brow waxes.
And people paid for it.
One of the girls I worked with filled me in on how bad mine were and asked if I wanted help.
I of course said yes.


Sara Louise said...

I saw this on pinterest too! I think I'll be spending sometime on my brows today :-)

Bre y Nev said...

My brows are awful and every time I've been to the Esthetician they only make them worse - too thin, too arched, way too thin, way to arched...I've never been happy and wish I'd never start plucking them in the first place :(

Peggy Rice said...

I think it's always a good idea to look at your friends brows that you like and find out where they get them done. Word of mouth is pretty good if the persons brows are good. Same goes for when they are bad, find out so you don't go to that place;-)

patty said...

I remember when you were first practicing your brazilian waxes on suckers who had no idea what they were and liked things that are free...

Kerrie said...

I love the lunch we all had Patty, with Mary and peggy before Brandon's graduation and the stories of the waxes. Funny stuff. Peggy you will have to talk to your niece. She is a freak about her eyebrows and over plucks if you ask me, but she won't listen to her Madre.

Peggy Rice said...

Patty, you were a good sport! But when you left you looked like a super star, haha!
Kerrie, hide the tweezers;-)

jaclyn said...

I'll never forget the first time I heard Farrah say "sperm brows." MY over-tweezed eyebrows shot straight up and my jaw dropped open. Yes, thank you Peggy. I too, notice bad brows. I find myself muttering "sperm brows" when those ladies with the "comma's" walk by. ;)