To be fair...

A side view of the belly for everyone
Photobucket That was 36 weeks.
Today I am 37 weeks, 21 days to go.
I don't think I will make 21 more days.
Did you know cribs are not the same size here as in the states?
There is no mattress in our crib.
Must order one today.
Car seat?
Baby Bjorn, to strap little one to the front of me, for metro and bus rides.
Today I must set up a changing station in the house.
The third kid just sneaks up on you.
I ordered nursing tank tops and now I can't find them!?*%
I HAVE signed up for diaper and wipe delivery through amazon.
Cheap and efficient.
Yes, there are people who make their own wipes and use cloth diapers.
I'm not one of them.
At the moment we are using paper plates too, because I can't be bothered with dishes.
Much to do.

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Carol Wexell Wayne said...

They sure do....lets not even talk about the baby book....