Celebrate 5!

I love parties.
Pinterest is a new addiction.
Every idea that you see here I pinned.
I think you can find me under RueRice or Peggy Rice.
The best part about this party, Aidan loved it!
He hugged his cake before I frosted it.

Photobucket Easy. For Jaylee's party I can change the words to JOY, for a Christmas theme. Photobucket Note to self, kids don't like mint flavored mentos. I love their honesty and faces when they bit the eyes! Photobucket These were a hit. Hot dogs wrapped in skinny pieces of pie crust. One kid said, "My hot dogs are bigger at my house and my house is bigger too". We should have carried a recorder. Photobucket They had to throw apples into the mouth of a pumpkin. There were some future baseball players there. Jaylee's forehead took a direct shot! Photobucket For the record, egg free cakes are not fluffy. The good news, Aidan loved it. The bad news, not many of his friends did. Photobucket Large cakes are not easy to cut. No one ever shows that on the internet. Homemade chocolate whipped cream frosting is slippery. Very slippery. Photobucket Easy and fun. Photobucket Fun twist on a classic. Photobucket Brandon tries to manage the apple throwing. Photobucket This is my biggest pregnancy craving. The party just gave me an excuse to buy in bulk! Photobucket Subway art makes me happy. Photobucket This is Matt Black, aka the coolest science teacher/entertainer you wish you had growing up! My science teacher was not fun or cool. Photobucket In Paris, kids generally open presents after their friends  leave. We broke the rules. He loved it. I'm claustrophobic.  I got a bit over obsessive about getting rid of the paper, it was my way of focusing on something else.  Jaylee is very aware of my quirks, look at that face!    Photobucket Brandon knows me well. I should have been up there taking the photos.
One little boy came up and said, "I'm leaving.  Do you have a present for me?"
Why yes, yes, I do. Photobucket He and his sister have been playing ever since. Making sound effects for every toy. Photobucket Now they are passed out.
Happy Birthday little man!


jaclyn said...

o my goodness. if you aren't the cutest little pregnant girl i've ever seen. IF I didn't KNOW you were pregnant, let alone a MONTH away from giving birth, this picture of you handing out party treats should surely be in a pregnancy fit magazine.
what a super cute fun party! Five? way too fast.

The Carroll Family said...

Oh my goodness. Was my son the one giving you all the good material for this post? You are amazing at hosting parties. And you do it while almost giving birth. If you start knitting or quilting too I think I might have to puke. Just kidding. You are an amazing mom! Your kids are super lucky!!

Carol Wexell Wayne said...

Hey I love that print of Halloween...where did you find that...I wilh I had been as creative a Mom as you are for my kids...what lovely memories....You are awesome. And you look so pretty when you are pregnant!

Peggy Rice said...

Thanks ladies! It was really a ton of fun. Carol, you can find all of the ideas and art work on pinterest. Just click the picture and it will take you to site where it is from. Now I'm going to have to post a side view so that you can see I'm really big and ready to pop!!

Anonymous said...

The hot dogs wrapped in skinny pieces of pie crust look amazing! How do you do it? Just make them in the oven with the pie crust on a bit? I'd love to try it!

You look amazing! How can you have so much energy?! Incredible!