Prep work

Aidan's birthday party is this weekend.
I used to pull all nighters getting ready for these parties.
Birthday parties in the States are always Saturday afternoon.
If you work at a Spa, Saturday is a crazy busy day.
I would work in the morning after the all nighter then dash home and pick up rented tables, string outdoor lights, dress said tables in a panic...
I don't miss those days.
I have a helper now.
I even have an official taster.
There are five layers of individually wrapped birthday cake in my freezer right now.
I'm too old and fat to pull an all nighter.
Plus, I'm pretty sure this is my way of avoiding packing my bag for the hospital.  Who has five pairs of "presentable" pajamas, meaning not your husbands boxers, to pack for a five night hospital stay?  Apparently, the ladies of Paris get pretty dressed up for the occasion of staying at the American Hospital.  I'm in trouble.


Carol Wexell Wayne said...

Well my dear..there is only one answer for that .....SHOPPING! You go get those pretty PJ's....this is a matter of national pride. You cannot be sitting in the maternity ward a disgrace to your country!!!!

Peggy Rice said...

One of the many reasons I love you!!!

patty said...

Miss you peg. Have a great bday weekend.!!