Gifts from 1951

A fabulous mother Photobucket A great swim coach Photobucket A safe place to catch our breath and find comfort Photobucket A Memaw that buys cool water soakers while mom is away Photobucket Someone who plays a mean game of "who did that?" Photobucket A good cuddler Photobucket Someone to laugh with Photobucket Happy Birthday Memaw!!! Photobucket Cheers


Mary said...

Thank you for such a wonderful blog....spending time with loved ones is the best!!
Love ya - Mom

Carol Wexell Wayne said...

Your mom is gorgeous and how I envy her those adorable grandchildren....

Could you email me the picture you took of Flat Stanley at the French 9/11 memorial...we have a kid at school...aspergerer's who is fixated on 9/11 and we are trying to get him interested in Flat Stanley...love you and thanks!!!