Bits from the week

I can't take it anymore. This art work has been at Versailles for a while now. I looked it up and yes I get it, but I don't like it. Do you? Photobucket Now on to this one: Photobucket It symbolizes keeping a back stabbing friend to close. Shouldn't the snake be taking a bite of her derriere? Photobucket In France rainy days are referred to as fete de l'escargot. Now that is cute, snakes sucking on breasts, not so cute. Photobucket Last French factoid of the day, I promise. Babies are born in the cabbage patch, not delivered by the stork. Mon petite chou is now 33 weeks old and a cabbage patch delivery or stork drop off doesn't sound bad at this point. I also dropped in Le Bon Marche to browse the baby department. Made me want to rob La Banque. Photobucket We have had the pleasure of spending the last three days with my cousin and her husband. They celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary while here. I was their flower girl. Funny thing is I can't recall any memories of just Laura, it has always been Laura and David. They are my role models on raising kids and so much more. Plus Laura is the maker of the famous Pumpkin Muffins. If you've made that recipe then you know she is a genius and I'm pretty sure it's part of the recipe to a happy marriage. Love you guys!

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