My girlfriend posted these TED talks by Ken Robinson on Facebook. To say that I love them is not a strong enough word. Jaylee came home from school yesterday talking about a game "heads up seven up". I had never heard of it. But apparently you lay your head down with your thumb up and you have to guess who has just pushed your thumb down. I giggled and knew she had done well, because the girl has a sense of smell like you cannot imagine. She describes people by their soap, parfum, breath (good or bad), she told me one lady at school smells like she has mint leaves in her mouth all day. She gives me in depth descriptions of how the new girl eats with her mouth open and she can hear it and smell it (she is not happy about this). However, I was wrong, she knew who had touched her hand by the warmth of the touch. She said the girl's hand was hot, so she knew it was "xxxx" because earlier she had touched her and her hand was hot. Our kids are not all the same and this world would be such a boring place if they were. These videos bring perspective to education. I particularly, love the second one and his view on "interviewing" kindergartners. It will make you laugh. If you have put your child through this process it will make you laugh even harder. Peer pressure is strong in Paris. Even though I didn't succumb to smoking in junior high school, the "park ex-pat moms" were way to powerful for me. I caved. When I dropped her off at her interview I told her it was a play group. When I picked her up she had this to say, "There were no toys and they didn't let me draw on the chalkboard". When Brandon and I had our parent interview, Mr. Rice somehow flipped the interview and started to interview her. To say he was not sold would be the understatement of the year. We didn't get in;-) I would have him at any dinner party. Actually, I would prefer him over half of the people I have had over for dinner at our place! Cheers


li'l Muppet-lhead said...

we played "heads up 7 up" in school, oh....back in the 80's :)

Peggy Rice said...

my husband did too, I must have missed it :) I went to school during the 80's, but we did square dancing in Texas ;)

patty said...

Loved heads up 7 up, but didn't ever think to do anything but GUESS, unlike your smart little cookie there. Loved the TED videos, very inspirational. Thanks for posting Peg.

Kerrie said...

ever heard of heads up 7 up. Sheltered life my girl

Millionaires Guide to Living Free said...

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