Les Cactus

Oh, I'm a lazy blogger these days. Homework takes up a lot of our time after school. When I do homework with Jaylee it makes me miss wine.
Ever see a man try to put something together without reading the instructions?
That would be my daughter when doing homework.
I let her do it.
Then I make her erase it and do it right.
That never goes well.
 One day she will learn to read the instructions first.
Or not.
She we had to memorize a song this week.
We play it over and over.
I wish we had to memorize this one:
Love me some Mika.
Not loving me some Jacques Dutronc.


Jeremy said...

I got through 47 seconds of the Mika clip. Our tastes in music have officially diverged.

Peggy Rice said...

He is not my norm, the kids have converted me by exposure alone. Plus I figure out a new line each morning;)

Kerrie said...

Wow. I love my Adele and Lady Gaga now lol