So simple, SO GOOD

I made this tonight:

A few words heard while the kids ate:
"Ahhh, it's so good, I don't want to be full!"
"Can we have this again?"...Tomorrow?
With the left over pie crust I made these:

When Jaylee saw the recipe she says, "Aidan, we have had these before at Grandpa's!!!! You know those sweet things with Jelly on the inside and sprinkles on top."
To the USA this magical breakfast food is known as Pop Tarts. For about 6 euros you can get them in Paris. I'm too cheap. Now I'm like super mom;)
Aidan's response:
"We have sprinkles?"


patty said...

ooh, I need the recipe to both! phescock@yahoo.com

Jeremy said...

We are seriously going to do this.

Peggy Rice said...

Patty click this and these, it will send you directly to the site. Jeremy, they will clean their plates like you have never seen;-)

patty said...

Thanks Peg! At least I know it will be an egg free recipe too!

Alyssa said...

Yum! Looks really good!

Stan said...

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