I'm no Tiger Mom, but we are still working on reading and math during the summer.
If I weren't pregnant this process would really drive me to drink, just being honest, but it's needed.
When I finally know exactly what we are dealing with when it comes to learning styles and levels, I will fill you in. For now just know that my quick witted, dry sense of humor daughter is enduring far too much of her mother, flash cards, daily reading and ipad learning games. Oh yes, let's throw in addition songs playing in the background that I downloaded from itunes.
One of our favorite apps is Stack the States.
I heard her playing school in her room and she was calling the "attendance role":
Kindle? (where we are reading books, because I can increase the font size dramatically)
She cracks me up.
Anyway, if one must endure their mother, one must get rewards.

We made ours and our first reward was homemade ice cream.
I found the recipe here and it is easy as can be and does not require an ice cream machine.
Yes, little miss fashionista is sporting a skirt as a top.
I choose my battles.
Aidan of course wanted some kind of chart as well, so he is now mastering dressing himself, brushing his own teeth and drum roll please, wiping his own "bum".
I swear he is the only American kid I know who calls it a "bum".
It's riveting around here.
Oddly enough, no person was harmed during the making of this ice cream.
Thank heavens we have mastered hand washing.


Nick said...

This post made me chuckle. I'm from the UK. curious, if you don't call it a bum what do you call it?

Peggy Rice said...

We call it a "butt", bum is cuter, but sooo not American;-)

Campbell's House said...

We call it lots of things here at Campbell's House (but we are not normal, i know): booty, bootilicious, rump, rump-shaker, hiney, homemade floor cushion, and my personal favorite and what my kindergarten teacher called it: bo-hunk-us. It makes Campbell laugh everytime I say bohunkus!

Love the fashion sense, Miss J!
Miss you all! xo

Peggy Rice said...

I'm loving bohunkus!!!