Outings, books, thoughts and a small transportation rant

We ventured out to Bois de Vincennes.
Many a friend has visited this park and recommended it. I declined every invitation due to the fact that it was too far away by public transportation and with two young kids by the time you get to the park, walk around the park and then head back home on public transportation everyone is exhausted from the day. I would have dealt with one too many melt downs to actually see the beauty of the park.
We took the car.
I don't care what you read on other Paris blogs, Paris public transportation is good, but buses run at half schedule during the summer. People are hot and sweaty. If deodorant is worn, it does not work like it should. And if you are going to places "outside" of Paris, i.e. you are venturing outside the 7th, 16th, 6th, 3rd and the 1st, take a taxi. Plus, don't drink the Kool-aid, the buses are running at half schedule in those areas as well, I just haven't taken any pictures of it for your viewing pleasure.
Back to the point.
This is what you will find under that first picture, very cool for the kids.
Another added bonus, you can rent boats for 12.20 euro to row around for an hour.
Of course we did it.
Loved it.
Oddly enough there were Peacocks just walking around the park.
These two were stalking a mother with a baby in the stroller having a picnic.
I was nervous. As a child my aunt kept peacocks in her back yard. I made the fatal mistake of running from them. I have a scars on my ear lobe to show what happened when they caught up with me. They are faster than they appear.
But with a zoom lens, they are really pretty.
In other news:
We made THESE.
They were a big hit with Jaylee. I would like them if raspberries were grown without those tiny little seeds.
I read Battle hymn of the tiger mother.
I was interested after this ARTICLE.
I'll give her this much, she has dedication. She makes some good points and some things I would say she is extreme. I would much rather raise kids with some personality and intelligence.
You can have both.
From some of her stories, she herself knows she struggles in the personality department.
I would like to know how the Chinese mothering and marriage work together. In the book her husband does not agree with her style.
Brandon and I fall a bit closer to this.

The whole episode is hilarious.
Finally, last rant, thought of the week. I read this online and I loved the message.
CLICK HERE for inspiration.


Bre y Nev said...

A few comments from Costa Rica:
1) Great photos!
2) Brandon needs a Yale shirt.
3) Did you do some photoshop-type re-touching to the lady on the boat in the first photo? (for publishing purposes I mean)

Tor Hershman said...


Peggy Rice said...

Brenna, you crack me up! I too noticed her butt tag, and thought about putting a butterfly over it, to give her an official "tramp stamp". We will have to do some research on where to get a Yale shirt nearby;-)

Kerrie said...

So I am playing with the idea of blogging the build. Not sure what do you think?

Peggy Rice said...

Kerrie, I would love you to "blog the build"!

KKoelzer said...

hahahahaha. "Why do I have to watch a French movie? I didn’t do anything wrong!"
Excellent link on Protect This House, thanks!