Aquariums and deliveries

Paris didn't get the message that it is now summer.
I know the people of Texas are near melting at this point, but I would just take a slice of sunshine.
I kid you not, people are still wearing scarves here.
The poor tourists expecting summer in July can be spotted a mile away sporting shorts and t-shirts.
Buckets of rain and cold temperatures equal house bound kids.
House bound kids equal one irritated momma.
So we braved the rain and headed to the Aquarium of Paris.
This is a popular place for birthdays in Paris, but since they are always drop off birthdays and only Jaylee has attended the parties, Aidan and I had never seen the inside.
When you are 4 and someone let's you stick your hand in a "fish petting pond" your day goes from ho hum to amazing.
The same applies to a 36 years old when the Picard delivery man shows up.
I used to do the same thing when the Schwan's man truck pulled up at our house during the summer too.
However, when there are five kids and each one of those kids has at least three friends over at any given time, I will tell you there are MANY more boxes to be delivered. Not to mention when you live in Texas at least two of the boxes are filled with just ice cream.
Why I can't find ice cream sandwichs in Paris I'll never know.
On a sunnier note, it's 8:00am and my groceries just got delivered.
The kids are still sleeping, I've had my coffee, and I'm still in my Pj's.
There are benefits to city living.
By the time the baby arrives I plan to have just about everything on a delivery schedule.

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Carol Wexell Wayne said...

No Ice Cream Sandwiches??? And they call Paris the gastronomic capital of the world...jeez!

I would love to see some pics of the new chez Rice!!!

Love you