Chez Rice

Okay, you asked and you shall receive.
What it would be like if you came by our house.
You may see a masked dinosaur running up the stairs. Behind him you see a very cool head that I got for 5 euros at a vide grenier. I plan on painting her someday. Let me be honest, I plan on painting just about everything when I'm pregnant. I have no idea why.
If you were a masked dinosaur this would be your view upon entering.
I have no idea what you would call our style. I like old and new mixed together. I can't stand rooms where it looks like someone walked into a store and said, "I'll take this one!". This house is much more "modern" than our other houses, but I think that is due to the city. When you walk in from a bustling city, you want order. You want simplicity and calm. Heavy antiques in this city would depress me, but put them in a country house, I would most likely love them.
Do I love every piece in this living room, no but it works in the budget for now. I keep all my "one day" ideas on Pinterest. All I can say for myself, is generally my taste far exceeds my budget.
If you were a "grown up", this would be your view.
I must explain myself and that rug. I stole it. Technically my sister Patty stole it, but I was totally in agreement. Brandon and I had just bought our first house in Texas and my sister and I walked into my dad's house who had just welcomed his "new" wife and Patty said something along the lines of this, "you need a rug in your living room, let's take this one". It was free, I can be a bit spiteful and I happily obliged. However, if it looked a little something like this, I would be one happy girl right now.

If you came for a meal, we would eat here or outside (I'll show outside on a day when it's not raining).
We pull the table out from the wall and fit a few more chairs round it.
If you just stopped by for a visit, this would be the view from the couch.
And now that I see those cords, they must be moved.
I have quirks. Brandon recently apologized to one of my friends for my quirks and she said, "I know she has quirks, I like people with quirks, they are more interesting". One of the many reasons I like her.
Finally, if you were to want a closer look at the shelves you would see this.
PhotobucketI found that little globe at another vide grenier and Brandon made the blown glass weight.
One of the other squares.
The blue dome vase is from our trip to Holland, made by a local artist and I love it. Brandon picked up the little vase in Egypt and it is safe from little dinosaurs here. The Pisa I of course bought at Pisa and yes, I'm going to paint it. I made the box behind it, from mine and Brandon's very late honeymoon to Italy. The blue painting is a gift from Patty Hescock for our anniversary that she got in Uruguay from a local painter. It is perfect. The shoe molds again from a vide grenier, the seller was crazy and I got them dirt cheap. As for the books, do yourself a favor and get "Keep your mouth shut and wear beige", it was loaned to me and never given back. Perhaps, I should take my own advice and buy my own.
The rest of Chez Rice to come soon.


Carol Wexell Wayne said...

Love it....what a beautiful home...I hate matchy-matchy too!

Inspector Clouseau said...

Cool photos. Nice blog work. I came across your blog while “blog surfing” using the Next Blog button on the blue Nav Bar located at the top of my blogger.com site. I frequently just travel around looking for other blogs which exist on the Internet, and the various, creative ways in which people express themselves. Thanks for sharing.

Sister Patty said...

Oh, no you didn't!!! Love that I'm your partner in crime! Can't wait to visit the house. What about the bedrooms and kitchen?