He is a bit consumed with what fingers he can "use" right now.
We have settled on this, even though it's backwards and his pinkie.


patty said...

i forget which country the backward peace sign means 'f you' in.... seriously! :)

patty said...

Ah yes, now I remember. In Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Ireland, and the United Kingdom, it means, "F Off." Hahahaaha! don't tell Aiden. He'll be down to one finger to use.

Mary said...

I vote he use all 5. He looks so cute with the curls.
Can't wait to hug him.

Sara said...

That's funny! I love how he's all boy....spiderman costume and Cars cap. So adorable!

Peggy Rice said...

Patty, it cracks me up that you know that! He has no idea, but I'm keeping it that way;-) Sara, he went to a birthday party and got the hat as a "goodie". He slept in it the first night! Not only is he sporting Spider Man Pj's he has batman socks on as well. He cracks me up.