What's in your purse

Patty Hescock and her sister came for a visit.
The kids had lots of questions.
"Whose side of the family is Patty from?"
Even though she is from neither side, Brandon and I would take her in a minute.
"Can we show her to our friends at school?"
Jaylee had an observation that she felt must come out at the dinner table,
"Patty you are loud".
Of course, Patty took it in stride!
It is easy to say, they love her and now they love her sister too.
But she is not without quirks, which makes her all the more lovable.
A little story...
We are sitting at the house one night and the electricity goes out on our side of the street.
As I'm searching for matches I hear,
"I have a head lamp in my purse!"
WHAT? Only Patty.
So sure enough she pulls out a headlamp, from her purse.
I had to ask.
"Patty, WHY do you have a head lamp in your purse?"
"Well, if the lights go out on the metro I don't want to be stuck in the dark."
Patty is wiser than I give her credit for.
Now I will add a headlamp to the new diaper bag.
So, we brushed our teeth by the headlamp.



patty said...

:) don't forget a knife too! Comes in handy for cutting cheese, saucisson, and defending yourself from crazy people in the metro. :)

patty said...

Viva Rue Rice!!! Great to see you back on line. I was having withdrawls from your blog.

Mary said...

HeadlampPatty...kinda like PeppermintPatty.
Great idea for Metro riders.

Campbell's House said...

We play this game a lot.
I beat my coworker last week with: fruity snacks, a diaper, and a pair of baby camo flip flops.
Then I got beat later that week by my sister Haylie when she pulled a tiny army man out of her coin purse.