Apparently, after the guy set up my new service he forgot to push ACTIVATE!!!
Also, he gave me the wrong telephone number.
So, it's fixed.
What's the date?
Whatever, it's done and I'm happy!!!
I owe my neighbor a bottle of champagne, maybe a few.
I have no idea where to start, so I will ramble, it's what I do best.
A while back Brandon brought home some items from China.
I saw them a different way.
Shorty and his buddy Brandon couldn't bare to see it happen.
They were not hand carved wood, they were plaster, made to look like hand carved wood. NO, purses don't get past me either. Photobucket
Now they hold court in Jaylee's bookshelf among her collections.
Do you have a certain author that you collect for your kids? My cousin got Jaylee started on Tasha Tudor and she loves them!
Of course now, she is into Judy Moody too, but these are classics. Any good summer reading suggestions for kids?
Baby news.
I've grown and I'm a bit rounder since this photo.
That bump holds a boy, that moves a lot! He either loves or hates cold beverages by his instant moving once I start drinking. I hope it's love, because if not he's going to be one perturbed baby when he comes out.


Mary said...

sooooo glad you're back!!!
That baby bump looks a bit square not round, must be a foot.
Anyway it's a beautiful babybump & we love him!!!!

jaclyn said...

She's baaaa-ack!
So happy :)
Love that the little one growing and getting strong is a little man-baby. Don't know much about those, but everyone with one already, says it's a must! I can't imagine Aidan with anything other than a baby bro to pal around with.
Btw, Love your version of Brandon's dragons soooo much better!

Sara said...

Yay! I've missed you and am so glad you're back! Your belly is super cute. You'll love having 2 boys, they'll be live-in playmates. Looking forward to your posts. Hugs!

Peggy Rice said...

Thanks ladies, I might be less of a head case now that I have my "outlet" back!

Carol Wexell Wayne said...

Ohh...I have missed you! And that baby bump is adorable!

For Miss Jaylee...how about my old summer standbyes...The original Little House books by Laura Ingalls Wilder, anything by Beverly Cleary and of course...the old Nancy Drew books....kept me out of trouble in the summer. She may even be ready of the perfect summer novel, if she love Tasha Tudor...Little Women. There is an easy classics version that would be perfect!

Love the dragons...they needed a touchup..

Sooo glad you are back.

Love love,


Kerrie said...

missed you!

Campbell's House said...

Activated with another boy???
Send Jaylee my consolation :)You girls are going to be out numbered.