What are you doing today?

Brandon asks this question often. I think it annoys him that I can't get more accomplished in a day. When you start your days like this, the rest of the day you just tend to say forget it!
First item of the day:
Make an exchange at BHV...(this whole exchange takes place in French, except for a small portion when a lady tries her best after she sees I am lost)
Hello, I would like to make an exchange, where should I go?
What's wrong with it?

It doesn't work.
He points just behind me.
I stand in line and read the signs. This is the repair shop of BHV. I leave and try again.
Okay, go to the department where you bought it.

I go upstairs and approach the "caisse".
I would like to exchange this machine for this machine.
Oh, you need to go to the "caisse" at the other side of this floor.

Wait, in another line.
Hello, I would like to exchange this...
Oh, you need to go to the section that you bought it and get an exchange reciept from the sales person and then bring it to me.

I approach a group of sales people, five to be precise. State my case one more time.
Salesman says,
"Go to the Russian woman over there".

The only experience I have with Russian woman has to do with girls younger than me with lots of makeup and big boobs who my dad marries and none of these woman meet that criteria. So I walk up to this group of women, three to be precise and drive the point home of I have NO idea how the BHV makes a PROFIT, and place my faulty popcorn maker on their ironing board demonstartion and state my case yet again!
Apparently, Russians are also older and redheaded.
So, the Russian stops a lady walking by and states my case. The woman looks at her blankly and says,
"Do you have any corn?"
To which she replies,
"Then exchange it",
and she walks away.
Mother Mary of Joseph!
We get the paper and then go back to the guy who told me to talk to the Russian, he signs it and off I go back to the "caisse".
Of course, I bought one more expensive, so you would think we would do a simple price adjustment. NOpe. We do a complete return of the other and a brand new transaction of the current one.
Can you see how I get less than motivated?
I went to lunch.


patty said...

Oh sister I feel your pain. Seriously, es muy complique en France. :)Hope you at least enjoyed your lunch.
love ya

Mary said...

Should have bought the "Mixer" too. Trust there was lunchwine as well.
Just love how you hang in there Tuffy.

Kim McCaslin Schlieker said...

OMG!!! You are such a trooper!! I am sure I would have gone postal by now.

laura said...

Oh France! I admire how patient you were with the whole thing! Luckily I've never had to return any items to any French stores thus far.