Christening our own

Every night Aidan prays for a car.
Every night.
Shallow, yes, but he started when he was three.
However, thanks to Aidan's persistence and Brandon's hard work, we got ONE!!
In true Rice fashion we took it for a drive to the country.
Jaylee warned us, we did not listen, I thought she was being dramatic.
How many kids can say they threw up in front of the Palace of Versailles?
As for her brothers thoughts on the whole thing?
He couldn't be bothered.


Mary said...

Well she did warn you. Just think of it as the offical soiling by children....can't get any better than this!?!?!
LOVE the car - great praying Aiden!! Think I will send you my list to let you & God take care.
Love ya

Peggy Rice said...

Mom, he will do it on one condition, you must spell his name correctly before he turns 18...AidAN;-) Because I love you, it makes me laugh every time you miss spell it!

Mary said...

tomato tometo - don't forget the misspelled Christmas ornament as well!! I'm good like that, love ya
still sending the list

Anonymous said...

I have a theory. Obviously, when we lived in the States our kids were riding in the car 12 hours a day. When we moved to France, we had a car in Aix-en-Provence, in the south. Our kids never got car sick, except driving the horrible winding mountain roads into St. Tropez, in which Natalie and my Mom both threw up.
Since we got to Paris and got rid of the car, everytime we rent a car, the kids have thrown up. I think thier little body equilibriums have somehow reset to not being used to riding in a car and are now super sensitive to motion sickness.
I told my theory to our Doctor friends (the Roses) and they pretty much said, "Maybe. Whatever." That sounds like a resounding medical affirmation of my hypothesis!

Kim McCaslin Schlieker said...

God bless him, if I lived there I would pray for a car morning, noon and night!! Poor Jaylee :(

The Carroll Family said...

Ha ha ha! I love that you posted pics of throw-up. That is awesome!

Peggy Rice said...

You know I'm not opposed to showing a bit of throw up;-) Bill, I agree with your theory, but apparently the rule is, one of the parents has motion sickness and it is passed on to the children. In our case it's Brandon;-)