Stupid with love or hormones?

I know this month I'm supposed to be talking about love.
But, then I checked Yahoo.
For the LOVE of Pete!!!!

Stepping on soap box.
  • Gentlemen if you are over the age of say 25 or not Adam Levine, we don't want to see pictures of you half naked.
  • At this point in your life we are not looking at your muscles, we are looking at your retirement account. Regardless of what you may have heard from your buddies who are dating young girls. Got any broke ass buddies with hot young chicks on their arms? Nope, you don't. Notice a pattern?
  • Also, please do not fool yourself, if you find yourself in the dating market, please make sure you are NOT married, your wife WILL find out.
  • Finally, if you don't understand how social media works, as in putting your job title on Facebook, DON'T use it! Everyone Googles. Even stupid people know how to Google.
  • Finally, Craigslist is for used items that people are trying to get rid of, at least you got that part right.
Stepping down from soap box.


Jeremy said...

Whatever Peggy, that's not what you said about those pics I sent you. Do you feel better now that Brandon has read this?

If I was as buff as that guy, you'd be hard pressed to catch me with a shirt ON.

Peggy Rice said...

Don't tell Brandon about those pictures! Poor Mr. Rice and my rants, he is very used to them by now. Plus we fall in the range of the "broke buddy";-)