A birthday Slumber Party:

When the clock strikes midnight you get ice cream in bed!
That made two little girls very happy.
PhotobucketBirthday breakfast was a surprise! (I made these Friday while she was at school...do not attempt to do this on the morning of the breakfast!)
Also, if you invite a French/German friend, have a plain bagel on hand, because colored pancakes are not for everyone. Healthy friends never fear, they were homemade and full of flax seed, just a dab of artificial food dye, you know, to pump up the vitamin C. Trust me, she will ingest worse in college!
There was crafts.
Decorations are a must!
PhotobucketCake and presents.
Of course there was candles.
Like every mom, I made them take pictures to commemorate the moment.
In the end there was one very happy little girl!


Mary said...

She is quite the French/Expat GIRL!!! and very, very pretty!!

You do make a marvelous party Mom, kudos to the chef.

Can't wait to see the Rice Family,
Love ya,

Campbell's House said...

Happy Birthday, Jaylee!

If only the Diva would come near a pancake... much less a bright blue one.

You are rockin' it, Mom!

Peggy Rice said...

Thank you ladies! However, thanks to the French UPS, the guitar has yet to arrive!!! I'm growling if you can't tell.

Carol said...

Happy Birthday Jaylee! She is so pretty...please give her a birthday hug and kiss for me!

Sari said...

Happy Birthday Jaylee! What awesome memories you're making for her. Love your creativity!

Holly said...

From Texas to Paris - WOW! How great is that.

Your tree is wonderful. Joyeux Noël!