Mind your manners

I called a family snow day today.
I looked out the window at 6:00am and saw the snow on the ground and crawled right back into bed and snuggled Aidan, who crawls into bed with me EVERY night. I'm not going to lie, I like it. Poor Jaylee grinds her teeth like no other so I can't snuggle her, but Aidan, well we are a match made in heaven since we both have the worst possible breath of any human alive.
After a lazy morning we headed out only to be irritated by the French. Why we leave the house sometimes I have no idea.
I wasn't going to bag on them today, but I just can't help myself.
Before I place both feet on the soap box, I have to give you a tiny bit of back ground. Last, year the French government launched a "smile" campaign, to get the people of Paris to smile more, as to not scare off all the tourists. I kid you not, complete with radio broadcast encouraging people to smile more. Now there is a new campaign, encouraging and reminding people to use common sense and manners while on the bus.
Hmm, so much to say here. First off, have you ever heard of the saying, "you can't teach an old dog new tricks?" Notice in each photo there is a drawing of an elderly person? The funny thing is, they appear to be the innocent victims in the photos. How about I take my camera out and show you the real deal? Because, Gramps isn't so innocent and Granny, well, she would take that cane and shove it where to the sun don't shine if a child was sitting in that seat. The www.ratp.fr says they are doing these ads in good humor to distinguish them from their normally formal ads. I have a feeling they are doing it in "humor" because they are afraid the elderly will come after them if they call them out.
Just so you know this is not working, I will give you a tale from the bus today.
Many bus stops in Paris have two buses that stop at them. Today, since my kids have been here for three years and they too have no regard for anyone but themselves, they saw a bus pull up and they darted on (as they do all the time now without me because they want a seat and I don't feel like throwing elbows to get to the door). I take a look at the bus and notice it's not our bus and tell them to get off (I'm outside, they are inside), so they make their way out and on the way out, a high school/college girl's earphone cord gets hooked on Aidan's jacket and he is pulling it along with him as he is walking. She starts screaming at him in French to stop, which of course makes him try to get away from her even faster. At this point the driver stands up, leans over his "door" and says to her, "it's NO big deal, he's a KID!". I of course thank him.
Here is the long and short of it all.
If in fact, the government would spend some time in their French school system they will see they actually need to start much earlier! I am telling you, perhaps if they recited less poetry and practiced some interpersonal skills, "this is also known as playing" they might not have to launch massive ad campaigns to ask their citizens to behave themselves.


Mary said...

Soooo, sounds like you might be ready to be back in the good ole USA, huh?
You could put Santa hats on & see if that helps, ya know it 'tis the season to be jolly.

Carol said...

Sounds like New York!

patty said...

You feel better :)
Loved your story. The visual is so real it makes me laugh. In a couple of years, Jaylee is going to be mouthy enough to yell at her little brothers accuser and tell her to stick it where the sun don't shine....but eloquently! When you stay side and where are you going to be? Vegas? Im in London for a week in jan but going to be moving so don't think I'll see you. How about a date in June?

Jeremy said...

I love it when you bag on the French. Makes my day....

Carol said...

Will you get to come to Texas?