A look inside

I took this photo at Louis Vuitton.

PhotobucketIt is the inspiration for today.
A look inside my brain.
1. I went running today for the first time. I'm not a runner, but I figured with all the walking I do in this town it's now or never to see if I can actually run and not feel like I'm going to die. Turns out the city has conditioned me, I didn't feel like I was going to die, I felt good, empowered, loved trying out different strides and which one felt better to me. I ran along the river and for roughly an hour (including the walk home) not one soul needed one thing from me. It was good.
I downloaded Couch to 5K app for my phone, something about a British female voice saying "RUN" sounded so pleasant that I was happy to obey.
2. I'm officially threatening the kids with Santa and apparently they are smarter than I think. Aidan told Jaylee she was being "naughty" and she said, "Well, I got lucky last year. I threw a fit about my hair the day before Christmas and he still brought me presents."
3. I am loving these paintings I saw at a little cafe.
I love the bright colors and I love the muted colors.
PhotobucketI had never seen paintings done on natural linen before we moved to Paris and I'm loving it. I think once I master running it is time to go back to art classes.
4. Herve, the next door neighbor fell and busted up his knee, so I offered to do their grocery shopping for them. The only request was whiskey for Mimi. They crack me up!
5. My house has never been so messy in my life and I have no sense of urgency to clean it. I have no idea why. The desk is piled high with "to do" as well as the ironing board, yet I have no desire to tackle it. My girlfriend says, "life is short and you don't want to spend your good years scrubbing toilets". She has a cleaning lady.
6. I don't use spell check anymore and none of you ever complain, I like you for that.


gg said...

freaky lil' ernie...quite bizaar! but i love the chicken on linen.

Mary said...

Running????? NEVER thought I would hear those words from your mouth. Very, very, very impressive!!!
Kinda makes me want to walk more---not.
Run Forrest Run.
Love ya

Carol said...

Like your Mom...you inspired me to try it....walk...jog...walk...jog...I think I must have looked silly but oh well...we shall see how I feel in the AM!!

I love the art on linen...Roosters just seem so French!!!!!

We all miss you so much, we don't care about spelling errors!

Go for a run and then clean up your house...you will feel better about it!

Love you,


Kerrie said...

Robby said to me tonight when we got home " oh the cleaning lady was her" I told him I am the cleaning lady! I reccomend getting one if you can it is nice and now you have inspired me, Robby and I are getting up at 5:30 tomorrow to work out, wish me luck and no snooze button!

Peggy Rice said...

Ladies, I'm a bit sore today, but I feel good! I miss you guys!!!!

patty said...

i love that photo peg! the one of ernie!