Why not?

I looked down on the metro and saw this.

So we went with it. I guess when you're four it makes good sense to wear what you love. Nine out of ten French mothers would have turned around. Not me I pressed on. Then the next metro we were changing to had a problem. We waited on four trains, loads of people, watched security clear the cars and then in the distance we heard sirens.
We called it a day and headed home.
We jammed to THIS, he geeked out on puzzles, Jaylee played guitar in her room (no cameras allowed, rehearsal and all) and I scrubbed the toilet.
Wednesdays are good.

1 comment:

Mary said...

2 different shoes - Priceless
Calling calfrope and going home - Perfect!!!
Very very happy to hear you didn't hang around for the rest of drama unfolding at Metro.