I don't believe so

When you go to Ireland as a tourist there a few things that are on your "must do list".
Mine went a little something like this:
  • Eat Irish butter
  • Eat at Fishy Fishy
  • Take a walks
  • Buy some local hand crafted pottery and crafts
  • Kiss the Blarney stone
The first two were knocked out together and then I had the butter every morning on Guinness bread, not a bad way to start your day.
As for the walks, well let me just say when you travel with a 4 and a 6 six year old you must adjust the ideas you had in your head to what your reality really is. So, yes we took some walks, but they were mostly with Aidan attached to my legs crying about some injustice. In order to remedy this, we did what all good parents do and we bribed them both with new shoes.PhotobucketPhotobucketIt worked for a bit.
Now for the cute little shops filled with pottery and all things crafty, again, when is the last time you did some leisurely shopping with two little ones in tow?
I assure you pottery does nothing for them and poor Memaw if it were up to my kids she would be sporting some interesting pieces. Electric blue felt scarf anyone?
Finally, The Blarney Stone, I have to admit, I could have gone either way on it, but it just felt like a must so we went.
As we were walking up to the castle we were trying to explain to the kids that if you kiss the stone you would be granted the gift of eloquence. Below is the castle, it was beautiful and the grounds around it were amazing with all the fall colors. I am so happy that we went during the fall! Back to the conversation...PhotobucketThe conversation went a bit like this when we told her she could kiss the stone:
Jaylee: "Well, I don't believe so. You said that if we prayed our dreams would come true and I prayed and I DID NOT wake up with a crown, so I'm not kissing it. I just don't believe so."
A shocked Brandon turns and says, "Its time we went back to church".
I declare this Irish week here at RueRice, get ready for pictures, links and stories all week.


Campbell's House said...

I don't blame her a bit. Kissing a rock? Only if it were a diamond, I say.
And, I am pretty sure waking up with a crown could be EASILY accomplished. I love that kid!!

Mary said...

Still laughing at the crown thing...trust the motherland was good to Rice Family. You probably saw quite a few that looked like you only with red hair.

patty said...

I peed myself laughing. Jaylee is one of a kind a little treasure. Love that kid! Your trip looked gorgeous and I'm so happy you and the kids got time out of the city and family time with Brandon, who looks fabulous by the way! When are Jaylee's school holidays? We are thinking April.

The Carroll Family said...

I'm so glad we're normal. I keep reading about other people's trips and wonder how they do all they do with children in tow. Thank you for your honesty! So glad you had a great time- crankiness and all!

Kim McCaslin Schlieker said...

Love Love the purple boots!!