Oh, holy yum

Brandon knows when its time to get me out of the city. He is good like that.
We ate at HERE tonight.
We ate in the restaurant and I had the Pre-theatre Menu (two course option), guess what I had correctly and I'll send you a prize;-)
Hint, I did not select the butternut squash soup, because I can make it at home.
I have photos, but I must say, my Internet is not fast at all, and I'm sleepy, so sleep wins over uploading pictures.
We are headed to the sea and country in the morning and when we told our taxi driver tonight that we were driving, he nicely made the cross sign over his head and chest and wished us luck, along with a few pointers.
I need my rest and apparently some tranquilizers that I am lacking, if only I liked stout.


patty said...

Oh that place looks so cute and I love the website. Have a great time in Ireland. I would love to visit it sometime! Keep April in your calendar for a U.S. vacation. Looks like the bachelor and bacherlorette party will be held in Vegas so I see baby sitting potential!!! :)

Mary said...

Did you have the crab & creme fraiche, rib-eye steak with creme brulee??
I win!!!
Enjoy the Irish countryside and the most amazing GREEN you have ever seen.

Peggy Rice said...

Mom, you always win, but you are only partially correct;-) But, you get a prize regardless (Jaylee has seen to that!)

Mary said...

Love how she looks out for me!!!Enjoy your trip.