Steak and salad

Since no one guessed correctly I am just going to tell you what I ate. Really, no one cares, but for some reason I'm hung up on this restaurant, so just grin and bear with my quirks for a bit, okay?
I had the Ceasar salad and Rib-eye, I'm sure you were on the edge of your seats.Photobucket
A word on traveling with kids, when they are tired their crankiness goes up 10 fold. Aidan was very tired. Crankiness at 10+, therefore I enjoyed the salad and wine with Aidan in my lap.
Then he did this, which is good because Brandon was threatening his future. I know it may seem odd that at a restaurant this pretty to have a four year old asleep on a booth, but trust me it was better for everyone.
Especially this girl, because she had our full attention and never once stopped talking, not even when she got this little number.



Mary said...

Looks like you may have done something to him???
Jaylee surely knows how to order the right sweet - yummy

Peggy Rice said...

My mom rocks! Jaylee sported her new coat today and Aidan has his motorcycle shirt picked out for tomorrow;-) Love ya

Mary said...

Post pics please
Love ya

patty said...

sounds a perfect dinner. I dare say that as i realize that you didn't have to mention the lush bottle of wine you had with that steak! :)