Good People

If you watch the show on TLC about the family with I think 18 or 19 kids now, you may have heard her say this, "show me your friends and I'll show you your future". That in fact is about the only advice I would take from this woman, seeing as I think she is a bit off her rocker for having so many kids! How does this woman never lose her cool? Did I mention she homeschools? I can't even do homework with one child without thinking I'm going to lose my mind.
Back to my point.
If I turn out anything like my friend Katie, I'm going to be alright.
We went by Katie's house yesterday and she had made muffins, but Aidan couldn't have any because they had eggs in them.
She sends me a photo of these beauties on Facebook this morning, telling me they were ready to pick up.

Ladies and gentlemen, I know my mom pretty well and I KNOW that even my mother would not have made Aidan special muffins!! (Sorry, mom we still love you)
Katie even remembered that he was allergic to corn as well, so she didn't use any corn oil as well. She's good.
Thank you Katie!


Anonymous said...

Very nice! Some people are just extra special :)

Mary said...

This is why God sent you Katie....your Mom is not a cook.
Thank you Katie.

Jonathan said...

What a wonderful friend! You eat em up Aidan!